Everything you need to grab college by the horns and make it amazing, in a unique central location.

College.  Buckle in.  It’s your time to meet new mates. Dive into new experiences.  Live life at your own pace and feel what it’s like to be truly independent.  Maybe even learn something along the way, that works too!  And as for Hubble, well that’s your perfect jumping off point.  Purposefully designed, exceptional student accommodation at the centre of everything.  It’s where you do your thing, whatever your thing is.

We work hard to provide you with an inclusive and welcoming environment in the best possible locations.

Our high quality, premium accommodation offers both privacy and social hubs, so you have everything you need to study and relax.  Oh, and even enjoy the student experience a little bit too…we haven’t forgotten that part, don’t worry.

Here in Ireland, we have a reputation for being more than just a great place to study, combining a solid reputation for education and innovation, with a welcoming and vibrant culture.  Choose to study here, and you can be sure you’re giving yourself the best opportunity for long-term success as well as plenty of unforgettable memories to take with you.

Galway Student Accommodation

Our dedicated staff have years of experience, both in the hospitality sector as well providing exceptional environments for student living.  Our unique approach to providing is a combination of thoughtful design with comfort, security, and enjoyment in mind.  We have young staff who know all about the trials of student life - they are on hand to help and to have a cup of tea and a chat!

You’ll be welcomed into a safe and secure, supportive, and nurturing environment where we ensure our residents are achieving their best while away from home.  We offer a range of apartments and first-class facilities coupled with a supportive and engaging student experience, helping our residents to succeed academically and maintain a healthy life balance.

Galway Student Accommodation

Our Properties

You’ll find a great mix of stylish modern living and great value with a range of accommodation options to enhance your university journey and maximise your experience.  Whether you are looking for a stylish deluxe room in the capital or an open plan apartment in Ireland’s cultural hotspot, we have everything you are looking for!

Dublin Student Accommodation

Our Vision

We strive to provide a safe, secure home with the very best facilities and support programs to enhance and maximise your learning and life experience.  Our friendly 24/7 staff are always available to help you integrate and feel calm and confident in exploring and experiencing your new city.

What's everyone saying?

“I had a very pleasurable experience with the accommodation and the staff here. Though I'm a Trinity student who once tried living on the Trinity campus, the Hubble Living Accommodation inside National College of Ireland is still much better, particularly in terms of location and transportation. You have a Luas stop on the one side and a bus stop on the other side. Plus, it only takes you 10 minutes to walk to the Spire”. - Duy Thanh, Past Resident.

“I’ve stayed at Hubble Living Student Living for 3 months. The rooms are very nice and affordable. I would recommend this accommodation to everyone. It’s a very nice place, the staff is friendly and really helpful”. - Andzelika, Past Resident.

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